KC Samm

My name is KC Samm and I have an addiction.

Growing up, I read some books in the Pacesetters series. They were beautifully written, captivating novels of love, rags to riches, espionage and pretty much every other theme that can be thought of. Having previously been exposed to only foreign titles by authors like Enid Blyton, James Hadley Chase, Agatha Christie, I was excited to see that African novels could be as riveting as the ones I had encountered. I was enthralled. I was hooked.

Then a strange thing happened; the series, published by Macmillan, disappeared from the bookshelves. With the challenges of the publishing industry in Africa, generations of new literary voices were stifled. This same frustrations I knew.

Ofor.com was therefore created in response to this challenge; and to this need. It is a platform for writers, where

  • they can freely display their craft to the world without the limitations of traditional publishing,
  • they can tell their stories and pass their messages,
  • the richness and diversity of Africa is brought to the fore through the fiery craft of various literary forms,
  • new and established writers are celebrated,
  • I, and millions of others worldwide, who share my addiction—a relentless love for African literature—are fully indulged.

This is Ofor.com‘s African story.

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