Have YOU Claimed Your Free Christmas Gifts From Addison?

Idowu Addison, this month, released four debut titles on Amazon, and then offers them up to the world as Christmas presents! Today (which also happens to be his birthday) he talks about his feat.

What is it like dropping 4 books on Amazon in one month?
It really was quite demanding dropping four books at once. But I already made up my mind to do it, I had a goal in mind: to drop multiple books at once and to do so before the new year. I had to work under pressure on the manuscripts. I’m still putting finishing touches to a couple of other titles. Those would go online hopefully, before the end of January 2017.

Tell us about the genré, the target audience and why you’ve written for them.
Well, all the titles online presently, and the others I’m working on, are all children books. But I’ll hesitate to consider myself a children writer simply because I’ve written a few children books. I am firstly a writer, and my mood at every point in time reflects in the kind of books I write. If you want to tag me a children books writer, fine. But that’ll change when I release some other books that are not targeted at children. Basically, I just write.

Any challenges, and how did you overcome them?
The main challenge was in the area of releasing all the books at a particular time. And to answer your question, I faced it head on. I could have opted to release them at some other time next year, or I could also release them individually, one at a time. I think I pushed myself too much, and I’m still pushing myself. You really have no other choice once you enjoy what you’re doing. So let me say it like this, I enjoy writing fiction so damn well! (Smiles)
But there simply is not enough time to write!

And the books are absolutely free?
Free, yes. It’s a small, 3-days promo that I find necessary to initiate. After the promo period, the books are still relatively discounted at less than a dollar per copy.

What is your inspiration; who are your favourite writers?
My inspiration? Wow. I think I’m inspired by nature itself, and the folks I come across daily. People around inspire you, events also inspire you. But the critical thing is that you must have it in you; you have to first and foremost be inspired from within.
My favourite writers? I’ve not done much reading lately, but I would consider the duo of Stephen King and James Patterson as my favourite writers. That is not to undermine the genius of other fiction writers, Nora Roberts, John Grisham, Jk Rowling, Tom Clancy, etc. These are all great writers that I’m greatly inspired by.

No African favourites?
Not really. I’ve not read much African writers lately. Besides, a lot of African writers tilt towards literary fiction. Maybe it’s because of the social condition of Africa, maybe not. But African writers tend to write for the society, they bother too much about the message of their writings.
For me, I write for entertainment and for relaxation, which informs my choice of favourite writers.
However, Africa has produced some great literary icons over time, from the 60s up till now.

Any last words about your work/experience, and the industry in general?
Writing, particularly fiction writing, is evolving over time. There’s always room for new talents and fresh perspectives in the writing/publishing industry. I believe that any writer with a convincing style can influence a great number of readers.
I hope that readers would find my books interesting. But who knows?

And it’s your birthday today!
Yes, it’s my birthday today. I actually planned the free book giveaway to coincide with my birthday (smiles). Consider it a birthday gift to my prospective readers, if you may.

Congratulations, and happy birthday.
Thank you, Samm. And thanks for honoring me with your platform.

By Idowu Addison:

  1. God Created the Animals: Everyone Needs a Timeout!
  2. The King Who Loved Music
  3. The Boy and His Seed
  4. The Three Selfish Brothers

Free download window opens 27th through 29th December, 2016.


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