What’s Your Mind Integrity?

Be honest. When was the last time you picked up a book (not your course textbook or a newspaper, magazine, journal or pamphlet) and you read through it FROM BEGINNING TO END? Select as appropriate:
A. Yesterday — last week.
B. Several days ago — less than a month ago.
C. A month ago — less than 6 months ago.
D. 6 months ago — less than a year ago.
E. A year ago or longer.
F. I have never completed a book in my entire life!

Integrity means wholeness or completeness, and consistently reading quality books provides the mind with rich nourishment and ensures it is properly developed, and this impacts directly on the quality of life.

Reading is the work we do to maintain the integrity of our minds. What’s your mind’s integrity status?KC Samm

Below is what the option you have picked says about the integrity of your mind.

A Solid Thumbs up. Do not relent
B Good Do you need a soothsayer to tell you to begin your next book already? Start here.
C Weak You can ask people with erectile dysfunction what “weak” can do to a man’s ego! Boost your confidence here ASAP.
D Critical This mind needs a major upgrade. Begin here.
E Fatal Bad news: This mind is comatose.
Good news: Redemption is available here.
F Is this even possible! There are no words to describe this pathetically extreme condition. If there were, “hopeless”, thankfully, won’t be one of them.
Prescription: If you can create time by

  • cutting in half the time you spend on social media (except, of course, your job involves long social media hours);
  • eliminating other daily unproductive activities;
  • and using the time saved to find books that interest you and reading at least 2 books in a month;

if you can do this and keep it up for just one year, you would be on your way to recovery.

This test is to be taken once every month. Too busy to read? Let the books speak to you instead!


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