“African Booker” 2016: you be the judge

Two days ago, I was fired from my TSA job at the airport. My boss convinced some offended fool to press sexual harrassment charges against me.


The Last Fight

…I wait in anticipation of an epic end. For one, the stakes are high—with £10,000 in prize money, it’s pretty high.

In Pictures: Muhammed Ali’s Love Affair

Muhammed Ali is gone, but the memories of his love affair with the beautiful “Mother Africa” lingers:   REFERENCEbbc.comIMAGES:TOPFOTOAPAFPALAMYREX FEATURES Great Reads 2016: Breathtaking inspirational true-life stories of courage, hard work, never giving up and having hope when there is hopelessness all around.

Cow And Company

The managing director stepped out of his room. A cow stood in the lobby looking at him with big moist eyes, masticating.
‘What is this nonsense? Is this a joke, Mr Pestonjee?’
‘No, sir. I got her for you.

The Pigeon

Each morning, for about four months now, I am woken by the same foul, fat pigeon. I am certain that he’s the same one, even though I have no means to prove it. In truth, I have no way to be sure he is a he either.