The Last Fight

…I wait in anticipation of an epic end. For one, the stakes are high—with £10,000 in prize money, it’s pretty high.

In Pictures: Muhammed Ali’s Love Affair

Muhammed Ali is gone, but the memories of his love affair with the beautiful “Mother Africa” lingers:   REFERENCEbbc.comIMAGES:TOPFOTOAPAFPALAMYREX FEATURES Great Reads 2016: Breathtaking inspirational true-life stories of courage, hard work, never giving up and having hope when there is hopelessness all around.

Cow And Company

The managing director stepped out of his room. A cow stood in the lobby looking at him with big moist eyes, masticating.
‘What is this nonsense? Is this a joke, Mr Pestonjee?’
‘No, sir. I got her for you.

The Pigeon

Each morning, for about four months now, I am woken by the same foul, fat pigeon. I am certain that he’s the same one, even though I have no means to prove it. In truth, I have no way to be sure he is a he either.